A place where beech forests border traditional sacral architecture, a relative of the Eiffel Tower is just a few metres from the Drugeth family seat and from the castle, which once belonged to the Báthory family, you can see to Domáš, where the cruise ship Bohemia is moored. A place steeped in legend, the statue of the legendary Prince Laborac oversees the unity of all Rusyns and over the hill to the village where Andy Warhol's parents once lived. A place that remembers the bloody battles during both world wars. The tangle of stories makes this remote part of Slovakia an exceptional territory, already spread over six districts. Horný Zemplín - a place where you can experience adventure and travel to Hawaii by bus.

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Vranov nad Topľou

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Humenné, Medzilaborce, Snina, Stropkov, Vranov nad Topľou, Giraltovce


Nová Sedlica, Runina, Ulič, Vladiča, Zámutov, Bžany, Holčíkovce, Kvakovce, Malá Domaša, Nová Kelča, Zemplínske Hámre

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